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Employee arrested, accused of shooting boss at Greenway Plaza office building

A supervisor was shot and killed inside the 20 Greenway building in the Greenway Plaza area. Police initially believed it was an active shooter scene.

HOUSTON — A man was shot to death Wednesday at a Greenway Plaza office building just before noon, according to Houston police.

Investigators arrested the suspected shooter at a different location a couple of hours later.

"We don't believe anyone else is at risk," HPD Exec. Asst. Chief Larry Satterwhite said at the scene.

Satterwhite said the suspect is an employee who shot his supervisor in the head on the 10th floor.

Once investigators learned the suspect's identity from witnesses, officers went to his home at a high-rise apartment building in the 1600 block of Fannin. They found the suspect inside his vehicle and he surrendered.

Satterwhite said they initially believed it was an active shooter situation because they thought the gunman was still inside the building in the 3800 block of Cummins. First responders from HPD and the Houston Fire Department rushed to the scene.

"That was the concern: that he could be on any floor until we verified his whereabouts," Satterwhite said. "And we were afraid that he could come out anywhere and if this was an actual active shooter then he could have harmed other people very quickly."

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It was a terrifying couple of hours for workers who weren't able to evacuate. Many sheltered in place after hearing the gunshot.

Will Contreras had gone to lunch and returned to find police officers surrounding the building.

"Thankfully the police officer grabbed me right before I was coming into the building. And it's just scary," he said. "I could be right in there with them. It doesn't feel any different whether you're in or out because I feel for everybody that's in there and you never know what can happen with these things."

SWAT members scene swept every floor of the high-rise to make sure there were no other victims or threats.

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Satterwhite said they don't know the motive yet but early indications are that the suspect "was not an employee having problems."

They believe he was targeting his supervisor, but they don't know why.

"We do believe he was targeting him because he passed up everybody else," Satterwhite said. "We do not think this was random but that he was actually looking for his supervisor and targeted him specifically."

Along with HPD officers and SWAT, the Houston Fire Department sent multiple crews and ambulances to the scene.

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An HFD EMT went into the building with HPD to treat any possible injured victims. The victim was already dead when they arrived.

The identities of the victim and suspect have not been released.

Employees inside the building credit recent active shooter training with helping them get through the scary afternoon.

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