GALVESTON, Texas—A 91-year-old Galveston man shot his 40-year-old wife in the heart Monday before turning the gun on himself, according to the medical examiner.

The bodies of Byron and Dulce Everts were found in their West End home by Byron’s son.

Neighbors in the quiet neighborhood on Beluche Drive told investigators they heard gunshots earlier that morning.

The autopsy showed Dulce was shot twice and Byron once.

Byron Everts was 91 years old. 
Byron Everts was 91 years old. 

Relatives said Byron had recently fallen very ill, and his wife was caring for him around the clock.

Dulce Everts (Family photo)
Dulce Everts (Family photo)

It began as a story of love and lust that later lead to jealousy and greed, according to Byron's best friend of 60 years.

R.A. Apffel said Dulce was a charming 17-year-old girl from Mexico when they first met.

“He had a nice eye for women and he liked young girls."

Dulce became Byron's third wife in 1999.

“They had a good life. He loved her, man. He loved her," Apffel said. "She could do anything and twist him around her finger. He was good to her, gave her anything."

Photo: KHOU
Photo: KHOU

They traveled the world and went to China, Australia, Russia and more, even though Byron had always been tight with his money.

"It was wonderful at first," Apffel said. "He was spending money, he was having a good time."

Byron owned 16 commercial properties, including the Pier Grill and Lounge he opened in 1945.

While his business thrived, his health headed in a different direction.

“She would say, 'I'm young and he doesn’t want to do anything. I want to have a life,'" according to Apffel.

Appfel went on to represent his longtime friend as his attorney and served Dulce with divorce papers last February.

He said Byron never had the heart to let her go even after collecting evidence of close relationships with other men, including a neighbor.

He said Byron had threatened to use a gun if he ever caught her.

"I'd say, 'No, no, no, no, Bryon. We ain't never going to do that," Apffel said.

He said the feuding couple showed up at his office last week arguing over a prenup. Four days later, they were both dead.