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82-year-old Katy man sentenced for love-triangle murder after shooting wife, killing her lover

Dennis Patrick Gibson was enraged that his wife and his friend were having an affair.

HOUSTON — An 82-year-old Katy man is going to prison for killing his wife’s boyfriend and trying to kill her.

Dennis Patrick Gibson was sentenced to 16 years for the 2015 murder of Vernon Burger and 10 years for the aggravated assault of Jacqueline Gibson.

Gibson was angry that his wife and his friend were having an affair.

The pair planned to celebrate Burger's upcoming birthday with a weekend trip to a Louisiana casino. Jaqueline even had a gift prepared. When Burger came to pick her up in his truck, though, Gibson confronted him.

After the shooting, Neighbors described Burger, 66, as a good, churchgoing man. He had been married to his bedridden wife for 31 years and often brought her roses, they said.

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“You hear people all the time when something happens to someone say how nice they were, but this was a really good guy," Denitria Ivory said about Burger. "So, it's very shocking."

Detectives had to tell Burger's widow six times that he was dead before she understood.

“It was not the defendant’s life to take. Engaging in an extra-marital affair is not justification for the defendant taking the law into his own hands and shooting his victims,” said Chief Domestic Violence Prosecutor Chad Bridges. “The remedy for infidelity is divorce, not death.  The defendant made a choice and must suffer the consequences of his actions.”

Gibson will be 90 before he is eligible for parole.