Surveillance video showed a man punch a 76-year-old woman then steal her car in the Alief area.

Kim Dang never saw it coming.

“I feel (not) good,” she said.

Someone attacked her as she came home from her daily workout Monday morning. Dang parked in her driveway, grabbed her bag, then walked towards her door. 

A man followed her, then punched her from behind in the head. Dang fell on a slab of concrete. Her attacker then stole Dang’s car keys and car.  As he pulled off, video shows Dang waving for neighbors’ help.

They called police and an ambulance.

“(I) hurt (on the right side of my head and) this right inside cheek,” Dang said. 

One day later, her left arm, back and face remained bruised. However, her stolen car is back thanks in part to social media.

“We naturally just want to protect our family,” Michelle Dao, Dang’s friend said.

Dang’s son shared video of the attack on Facebook. Neighbors then shared tips with Houston Police investigators. Officers still don't have the suspect in custody. 

However, you won’t hear Dang complaining. In Vietnamese, Dang told us that she is Buddhist and believes things like this just happen in life.

Still, she spends two hours every morning praying for peace. More than anything, she wants her attacker to feel remorse.

Others want the attacker caught before it happens to someone else.

“I don’t think that it was necessary for them to be so violent towards a woman who is 76 years old and, obviously, probably wouldn’t have put up a fight,” Dao said.