HOUSTON — A Woodlands boxing trainer who survived a murder-for-hire plot will share new details of his story on 48 Hours on CBS Saturday.

Ramon Sosa said the episode will reveal, among other things, how his ex-wife Lulu Sosa staged photos to kill Ramon’s reputation, too.

“She ruined my name as far as telling people I was drunk, that I was abusive to her, that I abused her kids,” he said. “All that stuff hurt.”

It led Sosa to sell his boxing gym in The Woodlands. He no longer trains fighters. He now leases his home and chooses to live in a Houston apartment between trips around the world. He travels to tell his story.

Sosa said it is therapeutic.

The former boxer and father of three feels like a fountain pouring out his heart while hoping it spares others similar pain.

“I understand now that men don’t talk when things are going bad,” Sosa said. “In hindsight that was one of my problems. I didn’t call the police. I was very quiet. As a man, I hope that men speak up.”

48 Hours is his next step towards making it happen.