HOUSTON – Houston ISD Police took two juveniles into custody after a break-in was reported at an East End middle school.

Staff arriving at Edison Middle School are now wondering if either of the young teens involved in the early morning break in could be their students.

Teachers arrived to clean out their classrooms on Thursday as some of them are preparing for summer school next week. This comes after the wrapping up the last official day of school on Wednesday.

Less than one day after the last day of school here and schools across Houston ISD and this happens.

HISD Police say the underage suspects somehow got into the school through the roof around 1:30 a.m. instantly activating the alarm.

Officers say they caught the two in the school’s cafeteria and arrested them here on school grounds.

Investigators haven’t said what the juveniles may have been after inside the school.

Parents, who live in this area and have kids who go to this school, say it’s shame that anybody would do this.

“There’s a program here where they go from sixth (grade) to seventh (grade) and they try to give them opportunities to advance, and come out ahead in life,” Mary Garcia, parent, said. “I don’t know why someone would want to come in and do something like that.”

Garcia says as many opportunities as this school gives this low in-come community this wouldn’t be the first time that teens have caused trouble here.

“They just tear stuff up. They leave trash everywhere… they don’t respect,” Garcia said. “You’ll see a lot of them they don’t care they don’t care…I think parents should keep a better eye on their kids and have more control over them.”

Just to be clear, KHOU 11 News does not know if the teens arrested ever attended this school at any point. Their exact ages were not released, but they have been requested from police.

Police also aren’t saying if these teens may have been trying to steal something or if this may have been some type of prank.

Investigators said one thing is for certain, this clearly wasn’t a well thought out plan, and these young teens are now going to be facing very adult consequences. They’ll be starting off their summer in jail facing possible felony charges.