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You can now go on an ‘overnight ghost hunt’ on Battleship Texas

People now have the opportunity to sleep on board the former USS Texas and go hunting for ghosts.

HOUSTON – Some people call it one of the most haunted places in Texas.

Battleship Texas sits in Texas City after it was decommissioned, but it once fought during both World Wars.

People now have the opportunity to sleep on board the former USS Texas and go hunting for ghosts.

During World War II, USS Texas was home more than 1,800 officers and crew. Some of them died on this ship.

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The ship is filled with stories of the men who lived and tragically died onboard.

“Some of them through accidents. Some of them went overboard. Some of them got sick and expired. We had one battle fatality," said Bill Irwin, superintendent for the San Jacinto State Historic Site complex.

He said making your way through the narrow passageways of the ship it’s easy to get lost in its history.

“You often find what you look for,” Irwin said.

The old vessel sharing its story the only way she knows how.

“So there’s all sorts of things that can create noises and potentially scare somebody,” Irwin said.

Haunted Rooms America plans to explore the ship on a whole other level by hunting ghosts.

“People have seen anomalies that appear to be nothing more than vapor, while other individuals have heard unusual whispering and chattering around the vessel,” Haunted Rooms America claims. “People have also reported seeing a red-headed sailor in a white sailor’s suit about the ship. He is most often seen on the different decks. Sometimes the ghost is spotted with a smile on his face while standing in close proximity to a ladder.”

“The idea or the possibility of having that connection is a really exciting thing for a lot of people, and I’m sure that’s what they’re looking for," Irwin said.

However, some visitors like Jeremy Ortiz are hesitant.

“I’ve never had an encounter with a ghost or anything of that nature so that’s why, therefore, I do not believe in it but that’s just me," Ortiz said.

Those who know its history say visitors shouldn’t be afraid of the spirits of the servicemen who roam the battleship.

“It’s a wonderful place to remember them and remember their service,” Irwin said.

The “hunt” is scheduled from 7 p.m. to 10 a.m. for Saturday, April 6, 2019. But it’s not cheap. Tickets are $169 with a payment plan available.

On the web: https://www.hauntedrooms.com/

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