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Volunteers clean up damage to Equusearch founder's home

On Wednesday, volunteers and friends gathered at Tim Miller’s home to help clean up the damage after more than 7 inches of water in every room damaged his belongings.

SANTA FE, Texas -- Residents in Santa Fe continue cleaning up the damage left by Tuesday’s flooding, including Tim Miller, founder of the rescue group Texas Equusearch.

On Wednesday, volunteers gathered at Miller’s home to help clean up after more than 7 inches of water in every room damaged his belongings. They pulled out carpet, vacuumed debris and moved furniture to help Miller, who said Tuesday was the first time his home had flooded in the 17 years he’s lived there.

“Looks like I have some of my own issues I need to take care of now,” Miller said Tuesday afternoon. “We clearly live in God’s world, not mine.”

Char Wilford, a volunteer, says she’s not surprised by the number of people who showed up to help.

“One text was sent yesterday, and suddenly you had oodles of people responding, saying, ‘Just tell me what you need, and I’ll be there,’” she said.

Miller on Wednesday was out in the Spring area leading the search for UH student An Nguyen, who’s been missing since last month.

Jan Tipps, another volunteer, says the flooding has been overwhelming for Miller, which is why volunteers are happy to help.

“He’s tired. He needs some rest,” Tipps said. “It’s a worry for him. He’s just got to let us help him and not depend on himself all the time.”

Volunteer Koy Murphy said the community was giving back to someone who has given them so much.

“(Volunteers) coming out to step in, it says a lot about the community and what he’s done for the community,” she said.