Some young students in Houston were so inspired by a book, that they started a project which is now getting international attention.

It all originated with the book, “One Plastic Bag: Isatou Ceesay and the Recycling Women of the Gambia.” It's not a title that jumps out to elementary school kids, but its story did.

In the story, Ceesay saw a problem with plastic bags in her village.

“The goats were eating the bags and dying,” said a student. “So, she made purses out of them.”

It was a lesson that took on a life of its own at Scroggins Elementary when students learned to make bags.

But four of the school’s fifth graders wanted to do more. Cassandra Plata, Aimee Toscano, Kahlyn Garcia and Giovanna Balandran raised money over a few weeks with the approval and help of the school.

The girls went to every class and collected money. They collected $100 which allowed them to buy two goats.

They vetted and chose Oxfam as their charity. The goats are used to support a family in tough times by producing milk and offspring

The girls' gift caught the attention of others. A librarian from Australia wanted to do the same project and asked for information.

Just as Ceesay's idea helped her village in the story, so have these girls.

"We wanted to change the world," said one of the girls.