The community of Baytown stepped up and stepped in to help a well-known resident whose bike was stolen a few days after Christmas.

Keith Easton’s 3-wheel bike is his only means of transportation. He was devastated by the crime and wondered how he would get around.

Easton was struck by a car when he was 6 years old and left partially paralyzed. Back then, doctors told his parents he would never walk, talk or be able to care for himself. Easton overcame the odds and grew up to be a role model for others with disabilities.

A friend posted the story about Easton’s stolen bike on a Baytown Facebook page and word spread quickly. Complete strangers rallied to help. Michael Waldrop bought Keith another 3-wheel bike and others pitched in to add a horn and light. A couple picked up the bike and assembled it.

Keith’s face lit up when he was given the brand new shiny red bike.

“Our family is just so grateful that complete strangers came through in a matter of hours to help Keith get a new bike,” wrote Christina Torres, his sister-in-law. “This means a lot to our family.”

Now the man who has inspired so many others is himself inspired by the generosity of the community that loves him.