KATY, Texas - Some kids in Katy will be squeezing up some lemons Friday -- all for a good cause.

Nextdoor has chosen 10 lemonade stands across the country to sponsor, and theirs was one of them.

The money they raise from selling some lemonade will go to help find a cure for childhood cancer -- something that, sadly, hits home for kids.

“I think, like, four lemons," Siddalee Wilkins said.

It’s the perfect recipe for the sweetest show of support.

“A fourth of a cup of a cup of sugar," Siddalee said. “And a bunch of water that’s more than both of those."

Take five siblings, a few friends and a lemonade stand. It all makes for a pretty good time, but these kids aren’t here to mess around.

Siddalee and her siblings are stirring up some lemonade to help strike out cancer. It’s an effort that's close to their hearts, as their little brother, Rhett, just beat Leukemia.

“No more hospital," Rhett said. “No more chemo.”

“I feel like it’s important to raise money so we can find another cure so little kids or adults can have the normal life that was planned for them," Siddalee said.

The kids were chosen as part of Nextdoor’s initiative to turn a little lemonade into a lot of change, matching the donations of each stand they sponsor.

“Come get lemonade, and donate some money, so we can raise a cure for cancer," Wilkins said.

And for these kids, life gave them the lemons, but they’re adding a little love and a lot a laughter, so every other kid can have the normal life that Rhett’s now been given.

“That’s what was intended. That’s the way God made it, and I feel that that should happen for every kid," Siddalee said.

The kids will be selling lemonade at the Park and Splash Pad at Pine Mill in Katy starting at 6 p.m. Friday.