HOUSTON — Hundreds of thousands were in downtown Houston this weekend for Pride Houston's big party. It all came to an end with the biggest parade they've had yet.

You’ve got rainbows, roller skates, even NASA was riding around..

For Pride Houston, 2019 is about bringing the party back 50 years.

“Summer of '69, it’s when Stonewall happened, other items happened that summer as well. We had the walk on the moon and things of that nature, so we just wanted to reach back into our history," Treasurer for Pride Houston, Dustin Sheffield said.

It’s about the history they’ve made, but also, the future ahead. 

“My generation has benefited so much from generations before us, so it’s just important that we carry the torch," Scott Villarreal-Dowlearn with Pride Jeep Club of Texas said.

For Scott, that means lining up his jeep club hours early to take part in the fourth largest pride parade in the country.

“We sold out about a month and a half early on entries," Sheffield said.

With over 150 entries, it’s the biggest Pride Parade that Houston has ever had, but the message is still the same. 

“Love is love. We’re all humans. All we want is a chance to love who we want to love," Villarreal-Dowlearn said.

And with big names like Starbucks, Exxon and Chase Bank lining up, it’s a parade that’s not slowing down any time soon.

“It’s a message that says you know they’re creating a safe environment. And that’s what we’re here about. We’re here to teach everybody that it’s about love, and it’s not about hate. It’s not about who you date. It’s about love and accepting others that are around you," Sheffield said.


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