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Getting to know KHOU 11 Morning News anchor Kimberly Davis

This week, we are spending time getting to know the KHOU 11 Morning News team.

HOUSTON — All this week, we're spending some time sharing a little bit more about the KHOU 11 Morning News team.

This morning, we’re talking to Kimberly Davis.

From Philadelphia to Houston with stops in Minnesota and Nashville, Kimberly grew up in New Jersey.

“Most of my family is in New Jersey still my parents, they're in New Jersey. I'm originally a Jersey girl, South Jersey, there's a difference between South and North, I'm a South Jersey girl.

“Now that I live in Houston, it's about a three days, car trip back to New Jersey, compared to just 15 minutes over the bridge. But they're very proud of me. They love what I do for a living. And I fly home as much as I can to see them. And my parents, they've already been here once to come visit. They love Houston. They're already planning their separate their second trip in February and they're already talking about, we'll just move to Houston. So they love Houston just as much as I do.”

Q: What about the family?

A: “So I am single ready to mingle. You know, if anyone's listening out there. Don't edit that out. So my family, immediate family just consists of me and Stanley right now in here in Houston. Stanley is my almost 7-year-old English Springer Spaniel.

“He's been with me through Minnesota, Tennessee, Philadelphia, and now here in Houston.”

Q: Something very big about you. You are a woman of deep, deep faith. Tell us more about that.

“So I grew up as a 'PK.' And for people who don't know what a PK is, that's a pastor's kid. So growing up, oh, I grew up in a very, very strict household. We were in church at least three times a week. So I'm still very strong in my faith. I pray every morning I pray for my coworkers. I pray for the people who tune into us and hope you know we can bring some joy to their day. So God being a part of my life is very important to me.”

Q: Alright, cardio or weights?

“Always weights. I love lifting. I am actually a Crossfitter. I've only been doing CrossFit for a little over a year now I started during the pandemic when I lived in Philadelphia, and I loved it so much.”

And she loves to dance.

“So I am trying to find all of the Latin dancing spots. I love to dance. I had a lot of friends from all over the world, Dominica, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Cuba, and they would all teach me their different flares on their moves, and I got better over time.”

But if there's one thing you should know about Kimberly is that she loves to sing.

“I'm really passionate about singing.”

She's been singing since she was little in pageants and in choirs.

“I just grew up loving to sing. In fact, I sang so much I wasn't allowed to sing in the house, except for the holidays.

“So I don't really sing that often in public anymore. I would if the opportunity presented itself like if the Astros need someone to sing the national anthem, or you know, the rockets reached out to me and they need someone to sing the national anthem. You know, I am around.”

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