Friday was moving day for the iconic KHOU letters on the tower over 1945 Allen Parkway, as one chapter in our history came to a close.

"It’s a heartbreaking day, and it’s a big day,” said Susan McEldoon, KHOU 11 General Manager. “Those letters, that have been on that tower now for over half-a-century, are coming down.”

PHOTOS: KHOU letters removed from Allen Parkway tower

As many of you know, we were forced out of our studios on Allen Parkway by Hurricane Harvey and the bright red letters are coming with us.

They have been a landmark just west of downtown Houston for more than half a century -- long before Houston had a dramatic skyline and grew to the nation's fourth largest city. Many of you have passed by them over the years, some every day.

“It will certainly change the landscape and the whole skyline as you drive into the city from today forward," McEldoon said.

WATCH: Drone 11 video of KHOU letters being removed

At Christmas time, the K-H-O-U was replaced by a blinking HO, HO, HO, spreading cheer through the neighborhood.

Don't worry. You'll see the six-by-six foot letters again someday.

“We are going to incorporate them, somehow, into our new building. I’m not exactly sure how that’s going to look at this point,” said McEldoon.

Stay tuned ...

WATCH: Air 11 over tower as letters come down