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'An inspiration to all of us': Houston woman turns 105, credits bacon and toast to her longevity

Winda Wilson celebrated her milestone birthday with a spa day at her senior living facility.

HOUSTON — This week Wilda Wilson got a surprise for the ages.

 On her 105th birthday, she received a surprise spa day.

“Ms. Wilda is an inspiration to all of us," said  Abraham Mathew, executive director of Parkway Place.

Wilson's family says Wilda is a doer. 

She's been getting things done since 1916. That's when she was born on a farm in Kansas. At that time in history, a brand new Model-T cost a whopping $306 and it was only 22 cents a gallon to fill up.

And if you didn't know, the hamburger bun was invented that year. 

A lot has changed over the years. 

For decades Wilda was a hairdresser and salon owner. But on this special day, Wilson would be the one in the chair being pampered, getting a scalp massage, styling and a manicure.

"I’m glad we could bring a smile to her face today,”  said Mathew.

Masks were the must-have accessory for Wilson's party, but it didn't cover anyone's happiness. Especially not Wilda's on her big day.

Wilson credits her daily breakfast of five extra crispy pieces of bacon and two pieces of toast smothered in jam to her long life. 

Happy birthday, Wilda! 


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