It's one of those stories that breaks your heart and quickly warms your heart, too. A little girl named Alexis was heartbroken when no one showed up to her 6th birthday party over the weekend.

Alexis suffers from alopecia, an autoimmune disorder that causes hair loss. She invited her whole class, 17 friends to the party, but not one of them showed up. Imagine what that moment was like.

Alexis kept looking around wondering where her friends were, asking her mom what happened. Her mom was at a loss for words.

That night she posted a picture of Alexis on Facebook to share the experience about what happened. And her post went viral. It was liked nearly 1,000 times, shared almost 700 times, and thousands of people started sending in birthday wishes.

The heartbreaking photo caught the eye of a man named Charlie Diggs. He didn't know Alexis or her mom, but was so moved by what happened, he decided to take action and plan a special surprise birthday party for the beautiful little girl.

"As a parent, to know what her parents were feeling, you can't replace your child's smile because nobody showed up, and she's just sitting there looking around the whole time," Diggs said. "I mean they were sitting there for hours. As a parent, that's hard and I wanted to do anything I can to help put a smile on the girl's face. I would hope that her mom and her are just in awe at the whole deal and realize the community does care. She does have friends no matter her immune disorder. We all love her. And I hope parents realize a kid's birthday is special. I just want it to be the best day of her life that she'll never forget."

The community's rallied around the idea. More than 800 people plan to attend. Gifts for Alexis have been sent in from all over the place already.

The party is at 2 p.m. this Sunday at 19940 Kuykendahl Road. For more information on how to contribute, or if you'd like to send Alexis a birthday card or gift, tap/click here.