HOUSTON - It can be tough saving for college, but one local student is getting started early.

It started out as a family experiment in the kitchen but two years later, Jacob Johnson, 12, has launched his own salsa business.

"I never imagined it would get this good," said Johnson. "I took it to school and I let some of my friends have it and they were like 'Man this is really good, do you sell this?'"

That's when Jake's Atomic Salsa took off.

"I started selling it and lots of people bought it," said Johnson.

He is a 7th grader at Salyards Middle School with big dreams.

"I want to go to Texas A&M University and I want to be a geologist, I was going to be a geophysicist, but it was too hard to get into that," he said.

"He said 'I could use this money to take extra classes in the summer and really save for my education' and I said well I'm all for that," said Kari Schriewer, his mother.

So, Johnson went to work.

"$5 dollars a jar, and if you want a lot of it, we sell it for $10 dollars a large jar," he said.

His secret is grilling his own peppers before everything goes in.

"The sky is the limit really, you could do anything, literally this was in 5th grade," said Johnson.

Two years later he's bottled up a pretty good salsa savings.

"It was just an idea I thought of. I never thought it would get this big," he said.

Johnson has a Facebook page and website where you can place orders.