BRYAN, Texas - Christine Rudd is a mother of seven who took to social media after she received what she calls an offensive message from her children's school, Crockett Elementary.

"I was upset because I know what today is about," said Christine.

Christine says this is the first time she has ever received a message like this, and finds it strange the school chose to send the message today. The same day many immigrant workers and students skipped work and school to protest President Trump's immigration policies.

"I thought it was strange that the message was not given prior to school, or not given the day prior to this event that they already knew was happening," said Chirstine.

Bryan ISD claims the message had nothing to do with 'A Day Without Immigrants' and that attendance incentives are something that happen often at all Bryan ISD schools on a regular basis.

Christine's son Aidan however says he was surprised by the treat, saying that it doesn't happen often.

"I got Flamin Hot Cheetos today, and I didn't know why because I didn't do anything special or good," said Aidan.

Although Christine kept her kids in school, she feels children shouldn't be punished or rewarded based on their parents actions.

"They pulled their children out with them to take a stance on this, and those children don't have a say if they can go or not. So they're going to be punished or rewarded for something that they don't have a say in," said Christine.

As for here son Aidan, he just wants everyone to get along so he can continue being a kid.

"Everyone's a human, it doesn't matter what their religion or their skin color, because we are all the same," said Aidan.