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Bedroom fire starts with device left charging on mattress

Officials say never leave a device charging on the bed

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — A Flour Bluff family is picking up the pieces after a bedroom in their home was engulfed by flames.
But it's what started that fire that has officials warning others.
The emergency service district two responded to the fire.
They say it happened around 5:00 p.m. on Saturday.
A mother was coming home from shopping with her kids and when she opened the door she was met with plumes of smoke.
Once firefighters were able to get into the room and assess the damage they concluded the flames must have ignited on the mattress and found a cell phone in the same area.
Assistant chief Weston Beseda said to avoid accidents like this, keep your electronic device off the bed when charging.
“Use a nightstand, use a shelf, use an entry way table,” he said. “Something like that. Avoid placing phones or electronic devices on pillows, mattress, comforters, blankets and what not.”
Beseda also said to never leave your devices charging when you are not home.

He wants to caution people to close the doors in their home in case of a fire because that's what kept this fire from spreading to the entire house.

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