CYPRESS, Texas — Inside this FedEx facility in Cypress, everything is in transition. 

Packages are coming and going all day long. Just like the packages they handle, there are some employees here in transition, too.

"My favorite thing is I greet the people," said Andrew Hebert, an employee.

"I started out as a package handler," said Cody Gillette, another employee.

Hebert and Gillette are more than thankful for the chance to clock in.

"I'd been bouncing from job to job to job and it just hasn't been working out for me," said Gillette.

They're both adults with autism, transitioning into the workforce.

"The reason why I like FedEx is because they are actually very nice and understanding," said Hebert.

A program through the non-profit Social Motion Skills help land them the job.

"I think we all wake up in the morning and want to have a purpose," said Stacy Anderson, Transition Director.

Her passion, finding jobs for people with social and cognitive disabilities.

"The majority of our adults with autism are either unemployed or under-employed," Anderson said.

To help them navigate the ins and outs of this massive warehouse, the employees each have a job coach that works alongside them every day.

"They show up to work on time and they work hard everyday," said Brady Bates, HUB Senior Manager for FedEx. 

Bates says they've made the workplace more inclusive.

"We start them first in a repetition type environment, loading the trailers, unloading the trailers and then we can move on from there in terms of where you progress to," Bates said.

For Hebert, it's a chance to be himself.

"I'm kind of a funny guy a little bit, but remember time and place," he said. 

For Gillette, it's confidence. 

"You're surrounded by wonderful people who are understanding, compassionate and want to help you succeed not just give you a job." 

For more information on Social Motion Skills, click here.