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60 Minutes: Marfa, Texas - the capital of quirkiness

Morley Safer finds a rich cultural stew of cowboys and artists mixing it up in an unusual West Texas town.
60 Min Marfa

It sometimes seems America is a country hopelessly divided by class, by politics, by culture. 60 Minutes went to a remote place where few have trodden before Marfa, Texas for a lesson in artful coexistence. Marfa is in cattle country, the high desert of far West Texas. Like many small towns, it s come close to extinction.

But today, Marfa lives on, is even thriving: its renaissance spurred by the arrival of a host of young, cutting edge artists. Mixing cowboys and culture might seem like a bad idea, but it s made Marfa a capital of quirkiness. And it s produced a harmony as sweet as the country music that fills the air. Morely Safer reports.