DEER PARK, Texas — With the flames finally out, those directly affected by the ITC fire in Deer Park are wondering how they can recoup what they’ve lost. 

ITC has set up a website to do just that.

From health concerns to lost wages, ITC says there are no limitations on what you can submit a claim for. They say they’ll look at each claim individually to decide.

She’s 30 minutes away, about 15 miles south of the ITC tank farm fire, yet life for Rachel Bort has been at a stand still since Sunday.

“My boss texted me, and he told me that they didn’t want non-essential personnel showing up," Bort said.

As a contract employee for Shell Deer Park, Bort’s been told not to come to work for three days now for her own safety. 

“When I file my time-sheet tomorrow, I’ll either have to take the time off without pay or use my PTO which I could use for something else, whether it’s a school event or a holiday," Bort said.

She says it’s not fair that something so out of her control can lead to such a loss, a loss she hopes ITC will soon repay.

“We watched the news, and we watched the lady with the crocodile tears, was she sincere?" Bort said.

Bort tried to submit her claim on an iPad, but found out quickly the ITC Claims website is not mobile friendly.

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So we learned it’s best done on a desktop, where you have the option to print the forms.

ITC says you should fill out the forms on paper and then scan and email them in or just send by mail. Bort just hopes her efforts and others won’t be for nothing.

“I want them to make sure they don’t sit on their thumbs when they process these claims, and they think about the community that’s around them," Bort said.

As for how long this process can take, ITC did not have an answer to that, but the deadline to file is June 25, 2019.


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