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What is quiet quitting and why are people talking about it on TikTok?

The anti-hustle culture trend is sweeping TikTok.

HOUSTON — Why are some workers “quiet quitting” their jobs?

In the wake of the Great Resignation, we now have quiet quitting. So what is it and why are so many people on TikTok talking about it?

Despite the name, it doesn’t mean actually leaving your job. Instead, quiet quitting means doing your job requirements and nothing more. No overtime, no sacrificing your personal life and relationships. Just do your job and go home.

For some, the approach is to combat burnout. For others, it’s about rejecting hustle culture.

The New York Post says the concept actually originated in China last year. There it is called “lying flat.” While the Asian culture is often associated with extreme job loyalty and insane work hours, a new wave of workers is rebelling.

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The movement gained so much traction that the Chinese Communist Party is pushing back in state-run media, calling it shameful.

Not everyone sees it as such a bad thing. Some employment experts say short-term quiet quitting can be a good solution for burned out workers. But others say if you are thinking about quiet quitting it might be time to start talking to your bosses about job expectations.

If it is not possible to perform all the duties they want done during your normal work hours there needs to be a larger conversation.

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