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North Carolina man finally gets $3,800 in unemployment after 7-month wait

Frustration mounted for Dennis Davidson as he was forced to wait seven hard months for North Carolina to deliver his unemployment benefits.

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Dennis Davidson's saga with North Carolina's unemployment system started in April and kept him waiting seven solid months for his benefits before he finally got paid just in time for the holidays. 

Davidson says his experience of trying to get his money, the unemployment benefits that are his, was not a pretty process.

“Wednesday of last week, we started calling, and we sat on hold for eight hours. Eight hours! Then, on Monday, we sat on hold with two phones until 4:45pm, that’s when the system finally hung up on me” said Davidson in disgust.

Frustrated with the situation, Davidson emailed WCNC Charlotte's Defenders asking for help. Bill McGinty emailed the Division of Employment Security in Raleigh, and within 48 hours, Davidson had his money. 

“And then this morning, we checked our account, and the money was there” said a smiling Davidson.

He got $3,800 a week for Christmas. And that money meant a lot to Davidson and his family. 

"Bill were paid and nerves have been calmed," Davidson said.

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WCNC Charlotte is working to find out why delays like this are still a problem in North Carolina. Given that a second stimulus package appears on the horizon from Washington, we can expect more of these issues as a new round of stimulus money should be forthcoming. 

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