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Houston Treasure Hunt: You could win up to $100,000 and help homeless animals

The month-long hunt will include a series of riddles that must be solved to unlock the next clue.

HOUSTON — A citywide treasure hunt will soon begin in Houston and the winner could get up to $100,000.

Riddles will hold the clues to finding a treasure chest hidden somewhere in Houston.

The month-long hunt begins on August 16 but you need to register by August 13.

The amount of the prize will depend on how many people play, with a limit of 10,000 participants.

Hidden Treasure Hunts creator Brad Sanford said they will donate up to $50,000 from the first hunt to the Houston SPCA. They will choose a different charity each month.

Here’s how the hunt works:

  • Participants register online at Hidden Treasure Hunts. The entry fee is $25 per person.
  • You can enter alone or with family and friends. Each team can have up to five people.
  • At midnight on August 16, the first clue will be emailed to all participants.
  • Most clues will require you to get out and about in search of the answer but a few can be answered from home.
  • When you think you know the answer, enter it at https://riddlecheck.com/. Correct answers will unlock the next clue.
  • The treasure chest will contain Spanish coins and a certificate for the winning amount.
  • If no one finds the treasure in the first 30 days, the prize money will roll over to the next hunt.

Sanford said the riddles won’t be easy, but the answers will be in easy-to-find places around Houston.

“The first clue is designed to be a little harder in order to set a pace for the hunt,” according t the website.

A small treasure hunt is currently underway in Beaumont with a prize of $640. Sanford said they’ve received positive feedback from some participants.


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