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What are your rights if your gym is closed?

A gym member wonders why his health club made him pay for two weeks in March when they were closed, and now may charge him for April.

Just about everyone is watching their monthly bills during this economic crisis.

So many gym members are asking why they still have to pay their membership dues when their gym is closed.

Michael Buchanen loves working out. He drinks protein shakes and lifts free weights.

Like other gyms, his is now closed, but he paid for the full month of March.

"I sent corporate an email, I said are you guys gonna close, I don't want to get charged anymore."

He says they offered him a couple of free months at the end of his contract.

“Whenever we reopen we will put that on the back end of your contract, whenever you decide to cancel. I don't want to cancel," he said.

Gym members around the country are lighting up social media right now saying even though their club is closed, it continues to take monthly dues out of their checking account.

One gym, the New York Sports Club, has been hit with a class action suit for "charging members during the coronavirus closure."

So we checked, and learned that LA Fitness is now easing its policy, and says as of April 1, "We have suspended all billings until one or more clubs in your market reopens."

Planet Fitness, meantime, says "We have frozen all memberships," so you won’t be charged for April.

24 Hour Fitness, however, says "memberships will be extended for the same period our clubs are closed."

It varies from club to club which means you need to check with yours, and ask for a suspension if it’s not automatic.

If you were billed the full month of March even though your gym was closed, call and ask so you don't waste your money.

Planet Fitness

“We have proactively frozen all memberships on your behalf, and you will not be charged any fees during this time. We will keep you informed and let you know when your club is ready to reopen, and look forward to serving you in a clean, sanitary, and judgement free environment.” Read more.

24-Hour Fitness

“On March 16, we made the difficult decision to close all our clubs, and we announced at that time memberships would be extended to cover the time of club closures.” Read more.

LA Fitness

"We have suspended all billing until one or more clubs in your market reopens, at which time it will be reactivated. This includes all billings for fitness, personal training, Kids Klub, HIIT by LAF and Pilates by LAF, as well as annual/enhancement fees and rate guarantee fees, if applicable." Read more.

Lifetime Fitness

“Based on recent orders and advisories from federal, state and local governmental authorities regarding COVID-19, all of our Life Time clubs are closed. The length of this temporary closure is dependent upon governmental guidance. Member accounts have been credited for the number of days in March that the club was closed and we will not charge dues again until your club reopens.” Read more.

Gold’s Gym

“Our company-owned gyms are freezing membership dues at no cost until our local gyms are able to reopen. Many of our locally-owned and operated franchise gyms are offering freeze options as well. Please contact your local gym in order to determine the status of your account. If you have not been able to reach someone at your local gym, please send an email to questions@goldsgym.com with your name, your gym name, your barcode number and your preferred method of contact. We will help get your inquiry to the right contact for your home gym location.” Read more.

Orange Theory

“If you are a member of a corporate-owned studio or a franchise studio that has closed, your membership dues will be suspended immediately. This will happen automatically; you do not need to contact the studio.” Read more.

YMCA Houston

"We are delaying your membership draft until April 10 to provide you with options for your membership moving forward." Read more.