How is that New Year’s resolution going? It could be going a lot better (at least in my case). Those resolutions are part of the reason a smart scale which serves as your own personal doctor is my favorite sale today.

Think about it: most of us base our eating and workout decisions on some arbitrary number on a scale. Have you ever seen that number waiver when you step on the scale? Does that number fluctuate over the course of an hour? Your scale is probably inaccurate.

Most regular consumer scales are not smart, and to be honest, they're stupid according to the doctors and health experts I interviewed. Your typical scale has two sensors that don't always accurately weigh you. The scale I now use daily has four sensors, and gives you a check-up tied to body fat, BMI and many other factors every time you use it!

Click the play button to hear from an industry expert and see this smart scale in action!

- Body fat analyzer accurately tracks your weight from head to toe

- Free tracking graph and weight loss app allows you to set specific goals

- Measure your body fat, BMI, muscle, water, protein and visceral fat in seconds!

- Measures bone mass, BMR and many other health factors

- Tracks up to 16 different users

- Free app for Apple or Android devices tracks your progress

- Sleek design with choice of colors

- Top-rated complete weight management system

- Track every inch of your body and identify your strengths and weaknesses

- Sets up in 10 seconds

- Doctor approved

- Helped one of our viewers lose 25 pounds of fat at the age of 62

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