Black Friday 2017 falls on Nov. 24. Today, to ensure you don't fall for any of the tricks retailers love to play and to score you the most savings, I have a list of 10 price drop predictions.

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1. TV DEALS THIS YEAR WILL BE BETTER THAN EVER BEFORE. Prepare for 4K TVs at 1080p prices. This will be the year of the Black Friday TV deal. Any consumer reporter who suggests TV purchases are lower during the Super Bowl or Cyber Monday is completely incorrect. Thanksgiving and Black Friday are the two best days of the year to buy a TV.

2. BLACK FRIDAY IN-STORE SHOPPING IS DEAD. Yes people will line up but the stores will be more empty than ever before. More people than ever before will be shopping online this Black Friday which will feel more like a better Cyber Monday of sorts.

3. AMAZON WILL WIN BLACK FRIDAY BY A LONG SHOT. Yes, I host a show with Amazon Live but this is not an internal bias. Search any deal website and you will see that Amazon dominates all deal headlines this year. I've already seen every deal for almost every major retailer and Amazon will be untouchable.

4. BLACK FRIDAY IS WAY BETTER ONLINE. We saw the start of this three years ago. With the exception of specific sales on TV-gaming bundles, Black Friday is now an online beast filled with bargains and more stock than ever before.

5. YOU WILL SAVE 10% MORE ON CYBER MONDAY. On specific store-wide sales. For example, a 30% off all clothing sale on Black Friday will be 40% off Cyber Monday.

6. STORES WILL ATTEMPT TO RUIN THANKSGIVING BUT THEY WILL FAIL. We will hear of these stupidly early start times where stores open their doors up wide for shoppers on Thanksgiving or stay open for crazy extended hours. This year fewer people will fall for it and we will have your deals first.

7. THIS IS THE YEAR OF THE SMART HOME: From Google Home to the Echo and other Alexa-enabled products, this will be the year where the frugal focus and countless incentives are tied to different ways to make your home smart.

8. EXPECT ALMOST NOTHING FROM APPLE. While Apple refused to acknowledge Black Friday or Cyber Monday last year, this year they have a small shopping event planned. Your best Apple deals will come from Target, Best Buy, Sam's Club, Walmart and You will be able to score an iPhone 7 for zero dollars and an iPhone 8 with gift card promotions. There will not be anything overly impressive tied to the iPhone X.

9. THE BEST BLACK FRIDAY DOORBUSTERS WILL BE ONLINE EARLY. With a higher number of customers shopping through mobile platforms and from the comfort of their home, more stores than ever before will push door busters and major deals online.

10. THERE'S EVEN LESS OF A POINT TO LINE-UP THIS YEAR. With most stores stocking identical items on their websites and offering e-DoorBusters, camping out in advance has even less of a point this year.

Matt Granite is a freelance consumer reporter who produces stories and video for this station, Amazon Live and others. Neither Matt nor this station are compensated by the brands featured here. Prices are subject to change at any time and products are expected to sell out.