Have you seen this post floating around Facebook? It claims Amazon is forcing delivery drivers to take selfies to prevent fraud.

So is it true? Here's what our verify researchers uncovered.

First our source? The Verify team went straight to Amazon to gets answers. And a spokesperson verifies this is true.

It's because of a new program the online giant has started called Amazon Flex Drivers. It allows drivers to deliver packages whenever it works for their schedule. Kind of like being an Uber driver but delivery packages instead of people.

To prevent a random person from using a Flex Drivers account Amazon has them send a selfie when they sign in for a shift.

There is also another program called Amazon's Photos on Delivery  where you can sign up to have a picture of your package sent to you when it's delivered to your doorstep, but that's not a selfie.

So we can Verify yes Amazon is asking drivers to take a picture when they start a shift, so this Facebook post is true.