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Why toy shortages shouldn't stop you from fulfilling your child's holiday wish list

Here is what you need to do to find the most popular toys before Christmas.

HOUSTON — You have probably already heard about the issues with the global supply chain: labor shortages, shipping struggles and a manufacturing mess have all combined to make this holiday shopping season tough for parents. 

It's especially difficult if your child has their heart set on one of the most popular toys of the season. But experts say there are ways to keep everyone merry this year.

Go to local stores, shop often

First, the advice we all know and have all heard, but it is worth saying again: shop early. There are limited supplies, especially for toys that require microchips. 

Shopping experts also recommend thinking outside the box, the big box.   

Instead of just checking at Amazon and Walmart, go to your local toy store, and go more than once. As shelves are restocked, your item might pop up.

Avoid third-party resellers

According to the Toy Insider, you should also avoid third-party resellers on sites like Ebay and Amazon. Double check that you are buying directly from the retailer to avoid problems. 

Also if you can, set more money aside for your shopping list this year. While small toys may go up a couple dollars, big items could cost a lot more.

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