HOUSTON - When you live on the border of two cities, requesting a replacement street sign can get tricky.

Just ask Robert Robles. "What is so hard about a little sign? That's the way I was thinking," said Robles.

He lives near the intersection of Watkin Way and Birdie Lane just off Federal Road in East Houston. It's also right on border of Galena Park.

A month ago, Robles started calling to get the sign replaced.

"I just got tired of looking up to this empty pole," he said.

Since Robles lives in Houston, he called 3-1-1. He claims he was told to call Galena Park.

"Then Galena Park referred me to the county," Robles recalled. "So I called the county. They put me back to the city so it was just a big 'ol circle."

As a last resort, Robles decided to Tell Tiffany! We looked at maps and made a few calls. It seems Robles really is on the edge of two cities.

The map from the Harris County Appraisal District shows Galena Park's border is smack dab in the middle of the intersection that needs the new sign.

To make matters more complicated, there's a "City of Galena Park" sign on the side of the road that the map shows as Houston.

"So really, this sign needs to be moved over there if they're saying that side is Galena Park," he said.

Once we explained Robles' street sign runaround to city officials, all sides started talking and come up with a plan. The City of Houston replaced the missing street sign but claims that the pole it sits on belongs to Galena Park.

"Well I'm happy that I've got my new sign finally thanks to you," he said.

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