How about a box of new clothes picked by your own online stylist? It's the latest trend in buying outfits.

Paula Taylor has a subscription to Stitch Fix and loves it.

"The box is fun," she said. "The box is very fun. They send you stretchy jeans and stretchy dresses that can fit a lot of different people."

To get started on Stitch Fix, you pay a $20 dollar styling fee. You do an online style quiz, suggest trends you'd like to try, and a stylist chooses 5 items.

"To me, it seems like they picked it just for me," Paula explained. "I'm going to put this in her box."

So, who are the stylists?

If you're picturing a group of well-dressed women browsing through a massive designer wardrobe, it's not quite like that.

Stitch Fix stylists work part-time from home on a computer.

They chose women's items from more than 250 established and up-and-coming labels and brands. They also have Stitch Fix for men.

You pick the price range and the delivery frequency.

This service has changed the way Paula shops. For her, it is absolutely worth it!

"I was like I will never have to fight the traffic at the Galleria or Katy Mills Mall again if I don't want to," admitted Paula.

But for all the Paula's out there, there are also plenty of customers who feel like their stylist doesn't listen.

Reporter Tiffany Craig tried it. Below is the note she sent to her stylist and the 5 items that showed up. What do you think?

The average price from an item of clothing is $50 dollars. If you purchase all 5 in your box, you get a 25% discount.

The $20 dollar stylist fee is deducted from any purchases you make.