When bad things happen to good people, KHOU viewers pay attention!

In March, we aired a story about Willie Kinch.

To get to work, Willie spent hours on the bus because his truck was in the shop.

The mechanic he hired to fix the old Chevy didn't do the job and wouldn't give his truck back either.

"I've lost money. Lost a truck. Lost confidence in people. So I'm pretty much dangling right now," Willie explained.

So, Willie emailed Tell Tiffany for help.

Willie Kinch has his truck up and running again thanks to a good Samaritan named Kris Parker.

We managed to assist in getting his truck back. Unfortunately, it still wasn't fixed.

"I used to believe in the little man," Willie told us. "He's taken my faith out of the little man with these kind of practices."

Don't Mess with a Texan and his truck, part 1

All of that changed after his story aired.

A mechanic in Alvin named Kris Parker was moved by Willie's determination not to give up.

"A lot of people would just lay down and say this is just too tough I quit and he didn't quit," Kris told us. "Spending four hours a day on a bus just to go to work, just to man up and do what he needed to do to get done and that impressed me."

Kris owns The Shop on Highway 35 in Alvin.

So, he had Willie's truck towed to his shop and started fixing the brake line.

That was just for starters.

"We just decided to walk under the truck to see what it would need to be safe to drive," said Kris.

That's when Kris rolled up his sleeves and put 15 hours of labor into that old Chevy.

He gave us a list of what he fixed (or most of it):

Inner tie rods

Outer tie rods

Adjustment sleeves

Pitman arm

Idler arm


Distributor cap

Ignition cables

Spark plugs

Ignition rotor

Air filter

Fuel filter

Front rotors

Front pads

Front wheel bearings

Rear drums

Rear shoes

Driver and passenger inner and outer door handles

Ignition switch

Car alarm.

Oh yeah. And a new brake line.

"He's gonna be excited especially considering the raw deal he got the first time," said Kris.

"Does he know now how much you've done?" asked reporter Tiffany Craig.

"Not yet," replied Kris.

On the day his truck was ready, Willie had a small window of time on his lunch break.

"Man, I've been excited for the longest," Willie said.

He was about to find out that Kris hooked him up big time! Kris started telling him about all of the repairs.

"Well what do I owe you?" Willie asked Kris.

"You owe me this right here," Kris told him while extending his arm for a handshake.

A smile lit up Willie's face as shook Kris's hand.

"Man bro," he said.

In the end, Kris did more than $4,000 dollars worth of work and asked for nothing in return.

Willie happily drove away in the repaired ride with his faith in the little man restored!

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