Dating is a concept that really hasn't been around all that long according to

Just before the 20th century, there was courtship. Men would court women, in front of her parents of course. Then at the turn of the century came the gentleman caller. By the 1920's, courtship turned into what we now know as dating, with couples going out without mommy and daddy watching their every move. In the 1950's, couples started going steady. The 1960's brought free love.

And three decades later came the World Wide Web and America Online, which happens to be how my parents met.

"Our two sons brought us together via something called computer bulletin boards," said KENS 5 reporter Jeremy Baker's parents Cathy Baker-Thompson and Paul Thompson.

You see, my younger brother Adam was chatting with Dave, who went our high school. Adam told Dave my mom was single and Dave told Adam his dad was single. A few years later, they got hitched, so Dave's brother Brian became my brother too. I got married and Dave got married and now has three girls.

And it's all because of online dating!

"I think we invented online dating almost in 1994. It had sort of a stigma," Paul Thompson said.

But that's not the case anymore according to Julie Spira, the founder of Cyber-Dating Expert.

"Half of the single U.S. population has tried online dating or a mobile dating app,” she said. “More people are using online dating or applications to go on dates than meeting people in bars.”

There are so many apps and sites like Tinder, Plenty O' Fish, Match, Bumble, eHarmony, Christian Mingle, Badoo, and OK Cupid. That's how my friends Amanda and Rolando met seven years ago.

"Rolando was actually the first one on the screen and I clicked on his profile and I liked everything I saw and I was the first one to message him,” Amanda said.

Now, they're getting ready to tie the knot this September.

"We are very excited because September is going to be right around the corner,” Amanda said.

Spira called Sunday the trifecta of online dating.

"Breakup season right before the holidays, everybody has got their resolutions, if you are single, you are probably interested in finding love,” Spira explained. “Valentine's Day is February 14, so we've got a little over a month to try to snag a date in time for that."