HOUSTON - If dinner planning is getting boring, you might be tempted to try online meal subscriptions. The complete meal kit is delivered right to your front door.

But are the subscriptions worth your time and money?

When you pull all the ingredients out of the box, you might feel a bit overwhelmed. Once you get cooking, dinner only takes about half an hour.

The idea was appealing to Kathy Penney of Sealy.

"I was kind of in a rut meal planning," said the mother of two. "I liked the idea of just going online and I want this this week and then it shows up at your door."

Kathy looked into Blue Apron and Hello Fresh but decided a subscription to Home Chef was a fit for her family. We price checked and all of the popular companies and they charge about the same. The cost comes out to approximately $10 per person for each meal.

Multiple meals arrive in each kit packages for couples or families. Each box comes with pre-measured ingredients and ice packs to keep everything cool in transit.

Kathy knows her way around a kitchen but doesn't think the recipes are very complicated. "I think just about anybody can do it," she said.

KHOU consumer reporter Tiffany Craig tried Blue Apron for a week. After a moment of being overwhelmed opening the box, the recipe was easy to follow. She prepared mole-spiced beef chili with potatoes for two.

Kathy doesn't really think Home Chef saves her money on groceries but it has cut down on her family's eating out and to go orders. She says they're eating healthier, she's losing weight and there's no wasted food. Kathy pays $60 dollars a week and for her, it's worth it!

"For something that shows up ready to go at your door yeah I think we're gonna continue subscribing."

Blue Apron, Hello Fresh and Home Chef offer discounts for first time subscribers. We got a week of Blue Apron for $30 dollars which comes out to $5 dollars per meal.