You’ve probably seen the Simply Straight ceramic straightening brush at the grocery store or drugstore. It’s a brush that straightens your hair and brushes it at the same time.

A viewer named Mona Thomas asked us to try it out. She wants to know if the product is worth it.

We got four hair models to meet us at Fringe Salon and Color Bar on West Alabama. All of them have naturally curly hair and were skeptical about our styling tool.

Three of them liked the results. One of the women didn’t think Simply Straight smoothed her hair enough.

Fringe stylist Tyler Wachel understands how the product can seem appealing.

“The marketing that they’ve done on the box would appeal to a lot of people,” he said.

However, Wachel noticed a lot of uneven results on the hair models. He also warns about using any product made of ceramic.

“You get what you pay for essentially,” he said. “If you’re OK with it being ceramic and potentially causing damage over the long run, then that’s a risk you have to take.”

We purchased a Simply Straight at Walgreens and at CVS. The brush is $29.99 plus tax. Check out our story to see the brush in action.