Forget standing in line at the microwave! We have another option for heating up your work lunch.

It’s an electric lunchbox called the Hot Logic Mini.

It reheats leftovers, warms frozen meals, and even cooks food from scratch!

There are no knobs or dials on the 45-watt oven.

You just plug it in and it heats to 165 degrees.

We tried out two different meal options in the oven, raw salmon with broccoli and a frozen enchilada dinner.

When it comes to frozen meals, you toss in the entire box packaging and all!

Since the Hot Logic Mini heats on a low temperature, you leave food in the oven for about two hours.

The idea is to plug in the lunchbox and get on with your day. Once the food is cooked, it will stay warm for hours.

The product says that unlike the microwave, this lunchbox leaves no hot spots, no cold spots and no burnt edges.

When the time is up, we checked our meals and both cooked evenly. It worked.

Hot Logic Mini is $39.95 and available at Amazon.