HOUSTON - The FIXD device (2nd generation) is described as a mechanic in your pocket. It says it can take the guessing out of what’s wrong with your car.

So, let’s see if it works.

We met up with our coworker Michele Scarantino. Her “service engine soon” light is on in her truck. She’s interested in trying FIXD.

"Something that could really hone in on it and tell me straight up tell me what it is, what it affects and what that means down the line," she said.

We downloaded the free FIXD app, made sure Bluetooth was on and cranked on the truck. We plugged the FIXD device into the OBD-II port and started scanning.

We found 5 problems. There were 2 issues that affected gas mileage and 3 problems that could have an effect on emissions testing.

The device also lets you clear the engine light. We hit the button on the app and it worked.

“Wow, can you keep it off laughing” said Michele. “I do like the idea of this because it’s simple, it’s not hard. You literally just plug it in.”

FIXD also gives a timeline of scheduled maintenance, lists nearby mechanics, and helps you check for active recalls. One device works on multiple vehicles.

We purchased the FIXD monitor from Amazon from $60.