If your New Year’s resolution is to drink more water, there’s a cup that might help.

It’s called The Right Cup, and it comes in a handful of flavors.

The product tricks your brain into thinking that your regular water is fruit- or cola-flavored.

We decided to figure out if The Right Cup is worth it. We recruited help from co-workers Sarah Zizinia and Jaime Galvan.

We blindfolded both testers and gave them no information about the cups. The flavors we bought were orange, mixed berry, apple and cola.

With the blindfold, Zizinia could smell something sweet, but her taste buds were not fooled.

"The water doesn't taste any different," she said.

Once the blindfold came off, Zizinia noticed a hint of something.

"I almost like it more," she said.

The Right Cup uses your sense of smell, taste and seeing the colors to experience flavor.

Galvan noticed a hint of something even with the blindfold on.

"Almost a little bit like tea sort of," he said.

After taking off the blindfold, Galvan’s experience was different.

“I started to get a little bit more of the taste of individual flavors,” he said. “You know, I think the colors do play a trick on you.”

The cups are available online at www.therightcup.com and from Amazon. Each cup is $30.

The CEO of The Right Cup provided additional information:

“Have patience! This is the most important tip when using the cup for the first time. Creating positive habits takes time and cutting back on sugar may not be easy at first. Some people enjoy the cup immediately. Others may take some time to adapt, especially if they’re used to drinking very sweet beverages. Drink from the cup 3 times a day for a few weeks in order to get used to it.”

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