If you're a hot sleeper or get night sweats, you might be tempted by a bed fan called bFan.

We recruited help from Joi Bailey in Sugar Land. Joi is a mom of three and fights the occasional hot flash.

“Most of the night it’s just fine but there are moments in time where I get extremely hot and sometimes sweaty,” she admitted.

We dropped off the bFan and let Joi use it for a few weeks. When we came back for an update, Joi showed us how it works.

“It comes in two pieces,” said Joi. “So there’s the bottom part with the motor and then there’s this little doohickey that blows all the air out.”

The bFan comes in two different heights: short and tall. If your mattress is between 19-37 inches tall, the bFan will work. It hugs the mattress, comes with a remote and the speed is adjustable.

bFan review
If you're a hot sleeper or get night sweats, you might be tempted by a bed fan called bFan.

"You can start out with the low setting and then you can crank it all the way up to blizzard,” Joi explained.

The design allows you to place the fan around the mattress to your liking. Joi preferred it on the side of her bed.

“I feel it perfectly right here,” she said. It feels good to me.”

The only thing Joi didn’t like was the price.

The fan is $159.95 plus shipping. In total, we paid $174.95.

"If it was less expensive, I would totally get one of these because of the nice air stream and the white noise,” she said. “I loved sleeping with it."

The Bed Fan company stands behind the price of its product. The owner reminded us that the fans could help lower your electricity bill and are made in Texas.

Here’s where we got the bFan. www.bedfan.com The website says the fans are backordered and will ship out on about June 1.

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