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Why could the deep discounts really heat up as we head into fall?

How to find the best sales as retailers try to get rid of excess inventory.

HOUSTON — It’s been an ongoing problem for retailers over the summer – they have too much stuff. According to Consumer Affairs, stores like Walmart and Target finally restocked warehouses in the beginning of the summer after months of struggling with the global supply chain.

Goods arrived as spending changed

The only problem? That was when consumer spending habits changed. With pandemic concerns easing, people stopped buying so much stuff and started spending money on travel and services.

Now faced with too much inventory, stores are being forced to offer deep discounts. They need to clear the shelves to make way for fall and winter products.

Need to search for sales

Consumer Affairs reports there may not be big splashy ads for those sales so you might have to do some digging. One of their tips is to do an online search with the store's name and the phrase “inventory clearance sale.”

Factory outlets

Also, don’t forget about those factory outlets. While not every retailer has a factory store, a lot do and use them to get rid of excess inventory.

To find the best buys, one tip is to look for factory stores near airports or distribution centers. You can always search for “distribution centers near me” to track them down.

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