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Holiday gift ideas that aren't worth the money

A new report lists popular holiday gift items most people don't really need.

HOUSTON — If you're looking to get an early jump on shopping for aunt Mildred, great idea! But don't get her something that's going to end up collecting dust in her closet.

Cheapism.com released a list of items they say most people don't need.

  • A sandwich press. Unless they run a panni shop, skip it.
  • Garlic, banana, melon and avocado cutters. A knife has worked fine for hundreds of years.
  • A deep fryer. Unless they own a food truck, a cast iron skillet takes up much less space.
  • A GPS unit for their car. Most people use their smart phones or the vehicle's built-in GPS system.
  • A digital camera (unless they're a professional photographer.)
  • Cookbooks. Only if you and Aunt Mildred want them as decorations.
  • Baby crib decorations. Don't need them and some items are unsafe.
  • Baby wipe warmers. Unless they live in an igloo, room temperature is fine.
  • Cute baby shoes. Cheapism.com points out that babies don't walk. Plus, tight shoes. That stinks!

Now there is nothing wrong with any of these products. They all serve a purpose and many people love them. However, for a lot of families, but more often they go unused. 

Don't waste your money.

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