From reviving limp hair and banishing greasy scalps to boosting voluminous roots, dry shampoo offers a magical promise to users: fresher hair, no soap and water required.

And with summer fast approaching, that promise is more alluring than ever.

Stylists and consumers alike turn to dry shampoo sprays, foams, powders and pastes to help hair look and feel cleaner in between washes, whether they're dashing to work with no time for a shampooing session or extending their blowout one extra day. However, there are downsides, with online reports circulating about the dangers of overusing the products, leading to scalp problems or even hair loss. And with a wide range of brands available on the market, choosing a dry shampoo that's friendly on both the scalp and wallet can be difficult.

But we're here to help, with a breakdown of healthy-use guidelines, styling tips and hair-friendly product recommendations.