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Disinfectant wipes will be tough to find until 2021 | Connect the Dots

That doesn’t mean you can’t still disinfect.

It’s become a must have product during this global pandemic: disinfectant wipes. But at least one manufacturer is warning they won’t be fully restocked until next year. 

Let’s connect the dots.

While toilet paper has thankfully returned to store shelves some other products remain hard to find, and that includes disinfectant wipes. 

The head of Clorox has told Reuters the company doesn’t expect its popular wipes to be back on store shelves in force until 2021. 

While part of the problem is the overwhelming demand, the industry is running into supply chain issues. 

According the Seventh Generation, which also makes popular disinfectant wipes, the issue is raw materials. And the raw materials used for wipes are the same ones used for personal protection equipment. That includes things like masks, medical gowns and medical wipes.

That doesn’t mean you can’t still disinfect. 

Other products like disinfectant sprays and soap are still widely available, according to manufacturers. And they are planning on keeping up increased output even after there is a vaccine, predicting that cleaning will be part of our "new normal."