One of the things Amazon is known for is a simple return policy, but some people who try to take too much advantage of it have ended up banned by the website. In some cases, people who claim they have not abused the privilege are getting banned, too.

“We want everyone to be able to use Amazon, but there are rare occasions where someone abuses our service over an extended period of time,” an Amazon spokesman told The Wall Street Journal.

Such abuses can include making too many returns; returning the wrong item or one that has been used; providing an unusual reason for a return; returning items that are prone to abuse such as TV and computers; and, being paid for posting reviews.

The Amazon spokesman says the company encourages customers who feel they were wrongly banned to contact them.

That's what happened to Nir Nissim, an ice cream shop owner in Israel. Nissim was banned by Amazon, reportedly over his return activity. Nissim told WSJ the only item he returned this year was a computer drive, and he returned four items last year. After sending messages to Amazon and even CEO Jeff Bezos, his account was reinstated.

Another customer said he was banned by Amazon after returning multiple smartphones in a short period of time.

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