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CES 2017: Great prices on drones, more deals to come!

What you can expect from CES 2017.

What can you expect at CES 2017? This year the world's largest consumer electronics show is not about the products, it's about you.

For years, a lot of CES has centered around showcasing incredible technology that no one can afford and gadgets years away from hitting store shelves. This year CES 2017 is about awesome and affordable tech.

Move over Samsung, Google and Sony; say hello to the everyday shopper.

Want a Bluetooth-enabled smart fridge that can text you updates on your milk temperature? We'll see that, robots and plenty of products from the future as well - but this year, there is a more frugal side to CES.

I will be one of the first reporters in the world on the floor of CES in Las Vegas - before the general public - and here's what I can promise and what gadget lovers can expect.

Wednesday January 4th: As the expo prepares to launch, expect Virtual Reality, home audio and smart-functioning products at their lowest recorded prices in history. Check back with us to shop the savings we hunt down.

Thursday January 5th: Tiny tech products at an even smaller price. From a new era of action cams to streaming home audio, this is a deal day to mark on your calendar. Check back with us for the savings.

Friday through Sunday (January 6 - 8): If you have your heart set on any of the killer drone deals expected to steal the show at CES this year, or you you simply want to see what's available, we'll have that for you. One deal is so big, I recommend subscribing to my waiting list.

Other big trends:

- A new focus on wireless charging
- Universal power systems that unify Apple and Android
- Home automation on a dime
- Lower-end vehicles with high-end tech interfaces
- Massage chairs and health-focused gadgets
- New wave of the world's thinnest tablets and smartphones from brand most people don't recognize
- VR at its lowest recorded prices
- If you aren't yet tired of drones, this year there will be even more drones than 2016 (so much so a drone was part of the registration signage for CES this year. You actually had to click a drone to register online!)

Stick with us. We will be your eyes, ears and personal shopper for an incredible week of CES savings. I can't wait to bring you along for the bargain ride.