TEXAS, USA — The statewide gas price average in Texas is 26 cents less per gallon compared to August 2018. And AAA Texas says the prices could continue to drop.

The average Texas price is $2.35 for a gallon of regular unleaded fuel, according to the AAA Texas Weekend Gas Watch.

Drivers in Odessa are paying the most on average with $2.58 while drivers in McAllen are paying the least with $2.14 per gallon.

“Gas prices are continuing to drop in most Texas metro areas, except in Dallas/Fort Worth and Sherman where prices increased slightly week-to-week,” said Daniel Armbruster, AAA Texas spokesperson

The national average price for a gallon of regular unleaded is $2.60, which has dropped four cents in the past week.

If you have any questions about AAA's findings, you can visit their website.

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