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Car parts on waitlists due to supply chain shortage

Catalytic convertors are just one of the many parts that are on backorder.

If you need a car repair anytime soon, here's a heads-up you should know about: You may have to wait weeks or even months for some parts.

George Weaver is one of many that are in line for a major car part. 

When he starts his 2020 Hyundai Santa Fe, it sounds like an old hot rod.

"Started it up on Monday morning, and it's loud, and knew right away what had happened."

He looked underneath and saw two clean cuts on his exhaust with his catalytic convertor gone. It was stolen for its valuable metals.

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So Weaver took his SUV to his dealer where he expected a quick convertor repair. Turns out, it'd be nowhere near as quick as he thought.

"The dealer said they are back ordered, there are none in the country, and they don't know when they are gonna get them in," he said.

Many original equipment pieces are currently on backorder due to supply chain shortages.

"We are seeing car parts delays and shortages in some areas. Days, weeks, and in some cases, months," said mechanic and repair shop owner Matt Overbeck

Besides converters, Overbeck said the "short supply" list includes ABS brake modules, engine sensors, transmission control modules and windshields.

You read that right. Even windshields.

So what do you do now? 

Overbeck says independent shops have more flexibility than dealers. Dealers have to use official replacement parts.

"You can work with your repair provider to see if there are other options, such as used, or a salvage yard part."

He says wouldn't should be too worried about salvaged parts. They're usually fine and come with warranties.

"It is very frustrating," said Weaver. "And the frustrating part is you are paying for the car and you can't use it!"

Note: The following video was uploaded on March 28, 2022

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