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Why can extreme heat take a huge toll on your vehicle?

Triple-digit temperatures can do damage to cars.

HOUSTON — Why can extreme heat take a huge toll on your vehicle?

We are no stranger to heat waves here in Houston and we all know that triple digit temps can hit the human body hard. But those extreme temperatures also affect your car.

According to AAA that’s because heat interferes with your vehicle’s ability to operate, making pretty much every part of your car work harder.

One of the big problems? Your battery. Extreme heat affects the chemical process inside the battery, making it harder for it to hold a charge and produce power.

Other problem areas include your tires. AAA says high temperatures can affect tire pressure, causing uneven wear on your tires. That increases the likelihood of a blowout, especially when pavement temperatures are high.

The hot weather can also affect your car starting when an engine is too hot, fuel does not circulate as well. That can mean your car struggles to start.

So what can you do? If possible, park in the shade. Also, give you care a check-up. That means checking your battery twice a year.

Keep an eye on your tire pressure, take a reading once a month and do it after it’s been sitting a while.

And it’s easier for your car to keep cool if the coolant is working well. So check levels and make sure it hasn’t degraded.

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