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You will soon be able to buy beer to-go from Texas craft breweries

"Where it’s actually going to be felt is the smaller breweries that are opening." - Lennie Ambrose of Saint Arnold's Brewery

HOUSTON — Beer lovers across Texas are raising a glass to lawmakers in Austin.  

After a decade of debates, you will soon be able to buy a case of your favorite craft beer direct from the brewery.

A last minute amendment by the state senate to HB 1545 will allow for all craft breweries across Texas to sell up to 288 ounces of beer to a person daily. 

"It was literally the minute. It had to go through yesterday," said Lennie Ambrose who is the Chief Marketing Officer for Saint Arnold's Brewery.  "Or it wouldn’t have. And there were about six or eight hail Mary’s during this process."

Saint Arnold's is the oldest craft brewer in the state of Texas.  It's been fighting for permission to sell beer to go, which you can do at craft breweries in all other 49 U.S. states. 

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"Saint Arnold’s will see a benefit from it," Ambrose said. "But where it’s actually going to be felt, is the smaller breweries that are opening."

Current state laws limit which breweries can sell cans to customers. It's often the little guys who get permission.  

But the bill that's waiting on final approval by the Texas house will give all craft brewers the chance to sell a case a day to customers at least for the next 12 years. 

"Texas is a small business state. We have always been a very free market-type state. So it’s good that our beer laws are now sort of following our reputation."

Even if you're not into beer, you'll likely see the benefits.  

Breweries are popping up across Houston and in the suburbs.  Breweries will need to up their canning operation which will lead to job creation and economic growth. 


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